MOUTH: Snack Box Review + Taste Test | FoodNetwork

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

MOUTH: Snack Box Review + Taste Test | FoodNetwork

Hey everyone, it's Jordan and I'm back again. Today with another unboxing video for you guys. I'm really excited about today's box, because it is ginormous fit, from a company called mouth com. You have a bunch of different curated themed boxes on their website. This one, I believe is called Freshman Fifteen which I fully gave the Freshman Fifteen.

When I was a freshman in college, and I'm pretty sure, I'm still recovering from it. So, let's get started the first thing, we have in this box is field trip cracked, pepper turkey jerky this smells really really good. It's really soft and easy to eat and tastes really really good. These are Lillie Q's Carolina dirt barbecue, at kettle chips kettle. Chips are my favorite kind of chip. I think, they're ten times better then Robo potato chips wavy potato chips.

I think, they're delicious, these are crunchy and delicious, save a great barbecue flavor. I really like these, they're really good. Next, we have these which are fuller foods serious cheesy puffs and these are Asiago black pepper baked corn puffs. Oh my gosh, they smell, so good. I taste the Asiago, I taste the black pepper, I'm gonna go in for seconds honestly sriracha and sea salt popcorn. These are definitely hot. I don't necessarily taste sriracha flavor, but they're good. These are super interesting. I've never seen split pea crunch snacks before.

So, there are made out of split peas, I have a nice light crunch to them. They have a lot of fiber and they seem to be really good for you. So, I would totally carry these around with me, the Krays caramels deep chocolate. Oh, whether individually wrapped, they're like little chocolate candies. It's like chocolate caramel. These are really really cute, they're from a company called Raley's and they're handmade emotive candies, the hard candies that have like emoji faces on them they just taste like any hard candy but I think the real charm and specialness of this is the emoji faces and the candies are just really cute.

These are from a company called Quinn's and this is called dreams come true. So, it's 15 pieces of chewy candy that you guys, look at how chewy and stretchy. This is, these are incredible, they're soft. Thanks so much flavor and that is it for this box.

I really really, enjoyed unboxing this one also, don't forget to subscribe to the food network's YouTube channel, leave a comment down below. Thank you guys so much for watching and have a great day bye.