Recipe of the Day: Valerie´s Arrabiata Penne | FoodNetwork

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Recipe of the Day: Valerie's Arrabiata Penne | FoodNetwork

Now on, to my pasta arrabiata, little salt in the water. I like to salt the water, because it flavors the pasta while it's cooking salt brings out. The flavor of everything pasta goes in. I want to get a little stir, I don't want it to stick to the bottom onto the arrabiata sauce.

Now, our viata in Italian means angry. So, that's where the spiciness comes in. I'm gonna start with that 1/4 cup of olive oil. I want to get the oil heat it up, you can see how it gets a little shimmery, and glassy on a flavor. The olive oil with the garlic listen to that starting to go. I don't want to cook them too quickly. I don't wanna get any Brown edges. I want that olive oil to be just infused with the garlic, mmm who doesn't love garlic.

So, it's time for the tomatoes. I've got chopped tomatoes here, and then I'm not using a can. Because, I want the fresh flavor without having to chop a bunch of fresh tomatoes. I love the way, the oil makes the tomatoes glisten and you can see the little pieces of garlic in there, that to me says flavor is about to hit your mouth, little salt pepper.

My old standby Italian seasoning about 1/4 teaspoon, maybe more. I like a lot of flavor starting to bubble up and now what makes a pasta arrabiata angry. Chili flakes depending on, how much you want your guests to sweat a quarter to a half a teaspoon. Now in time for basil. So, Shifa nod is one of those terms.

I learned, it's just a fancy way of rolling up your basil. So, you can cut them all together and then when they come out, they look like little ribbons and they're just so pretty. So, I'm gonna take, mmm just a little handful and leave that for garnish. They should make a perfume basil smelled perfume. That's just barely gonna wilt down and then I'm gonna put the pasta, and when it's done just gonna do a little taste test to see. If that's oh, it's definitely hot perfect, time to go in the sauce ready to go now.

If you don't get drained, all the way a little pasta water gets in there that's never a bad thing. It's got all that salt and pasta flavor and starch in there, just gonna help thicken everything up, mm-hmm this looks so good. Now it's plated. Look, how easy and fast that was dinner that quick any day of the week.